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The trial equipment application steps
1, register as a user, NOVOUS and apply real-name certification, complete audit, membership certification or club.
2, into the trial application and feedback of NOVOUS brand zone product page, complete name, phone number, address, outdoor cycling and travel plans to submit application, and select the hope trial NOVOUS equipment
3, NOVOUS related staff will refer to the user in NOVOUS ", please fill out the records and related information for review.Including user evaluation ability (travel records, write travelogue or evaluating the ability of the article, understanding of outdoor activities and products), travel plans, quality (enforceability, uniqueness, and the trial product correlation), user credit (real-name authentication of users, product review past experience), etc., make a comprehensive review.Also on the website repetitive shipping address, phone number, suspected small number, in the short term has been successful application of the user to filter, in order to prevent malicious applications.
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