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Please use this net station carefully to read the "terms and conditions" (" terms of use ").This website all users agree that in the process of access to and use of this web site the following terms and conditions and other applicable laws.If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this web site.
NOVOUS will be held at any time to revise the following "terms of use" power.You agree to regularly check the following terms of use, in order to understand the following revision, and you continue to use this web site you will be deemed to have accepted the behavior in the "terms of use" related to revise.We will mark the "terms of use" has been changed, and will update revision date to the date of the "latest revision", and displays it at the end of the "terms of use".If you do not agree to abide by the "terms of use" revision, you will have no right to the use of this web site.

All content on this website, including but not limited to text, images, or code, both as a collective creation NOVOUS all rights reserved, protected by the United States and other countries for copyright law.The collective creation including NOVOUS authorization granted work.2014, NOVOUS company, LTD. All rights reserved.According to relevant information specific limitations or constraints of the clear stipulation, you can download from the website show the different fields, or print some information, for personal, non-commercial use, or used to NOVOUS placing orders or purchase NOVOUS goods.Without the written authorization of NOVOUS prohibited including but not limited to, copy, distribute, display, or transmission of this web site content for other purposes.You should also agree not to change or delete download from the web site or printed materials of any copyright statement.

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Are to be used in website NOVOUS trademarks, service marks, and trade name (including but not limited to NOVOUS name, custom design, children) are fu international trading (Shanghai) co., LTD., the trademark or registered trademark of, without prior written permission of the NOVOUS company shall not be used without authorization.Other intellectual property rights in the website, including but not limited to, issued or pending patent, all belong to Norwich, and/or authorized company. All rights reserved.

Orders for goods
By the force majeure or logistics, technical support and other reasons, NOVOUS shall have the right to decide whether to accept all through the website of orders;It said (and not limited to) to get the order in the website before final confirmation, NOVOUS shall be entitled to apply for rejected, accept or cancel the order.NOVOUS in Chinese laws and regulations permission scope, reserves the right to the interpretation of goods orders.If you are using a credit card payment was cancelled orders, NOVOUS should be issued by a credit card account is credited to you.
NOVOUS had civilization site maintenance and content control power, please don't release in this web site or published NOVOUS you think insulting, abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, another person's name, deceptive, misleading, in violation of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of others, invasion of privacy or publicity rights, violates the NOVOUS or other rights of the other party, illegal, or bad influence on NOVOUS content.Please don't upload the commercial content on the site or for other commercial online services through the web site or the content of the organization to recruit members.We will at the time of registration you please agree to additional terms of use, make sure that you can publish or published on this web site the user generated content.

User generated content
NOVOUS will not approved NOVOUS (and you have no obligation) to review by the user to access this web site (including but not limited to this website community bulletin boards, chat rooms, web pages or other) in the BBS published and/or submit the information, materials, information, comments and other content (collectively referred to as "user-generated content");Wrong NOVOUS user generated content assume any responsibility;And NOVOUS does not guarantee the accuracy of user generated content, authenticity and quality;NOVOUS doesn't ensure that in this web site will not be harmful, inaccurate, fraudulent, hostile, threatening, defamatory, illegality, or other bad user generated content.You will admit NOVOUS through for you to provide access and check the website of the rights of the user generated content, only as the release behavior of the passive channels, does not undertake any related website users "user-generated content" or obligation or liability.Not limited to the above content, you acknowledge and agree to the user generated content expressed in or contains information, data and opinions will be not representative NOVOUS company or its subsidiaries or its related entities or content provider's point of view.
As described above, you acknowledge and agree that NOVOUS have their own regulation posted on the website all the power of user-generated content.In addition, in any case, NOVOUS still change, edit, refused to release or delete part or all of the above the power of the user-generated content, and shall have the right to disclose to any third party the user generated content and its transmission.In addition, you agree that we will be under no obligation to use or to respond to any user generated content.

You agree to site as soon as possible after any bad content, you should immediately inform NOVOUS company in writing.NOVOUS will investigate user generated content as possible representation of violation of terms of use.But no matter is involved in this kind of complaint, NOVOUS (a) does not guarantee will edit, remove or continue to allow a particular user generated content, and (b) no, such as edit, remove, or continue to grant such user generated content expression undertake any responsibility.
Use the web site of any content (including but not limited to user generated content) of all risks will be borne by you personally.Not limited to the above content, you acknowledge and agree to NOVOUS not provide medical advice, or physical training, sports or dietary respect the opinions of the user generated content to assume any responsibility.If you are health or fitness program has any doubt, please consult your physician or other qualified medical institutions.
You may not publish or published on the website NOVOUS think insulting, abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene sex, falsely use another name, deceptive, misleading, copyright, trademark or its violation of his intellectual property rights of sex, invasion of privacy or publicity rights, violates the NOVOUS or other rights of the other party, illegal, or bad influence on NOVOUS content.You are not allowed to upload commercial content on the site or for other commercial online services through the web site or the content of the organization to recruit members.We will require you to register and agree to additional terms of use, make sure that you can publish or published on this web site the user generated content.

Submitted you agree NOVOUS shall have the right to use of information without giving you notice, pay, or thank you, free to use your comments published in this website, or you send NOVOUS or submit to the site of the user generated content of any comments, information, design, or other content, for including but not limited to development, manufacturing, sales of goods and services, and create, modify, or improve the website or goods or services.
Copyright agency
In accordance with the According to the United States copyright law, "1998 digital Copyright Act 1998 (hereinafter referred to as the" DMCA ") for those who think that appeared on the Internet infringement of the rights of information copyright owners to provide the right of recourse.If you think your work is replicated and be published in this website, and to some extent constitutes copyright infringement, please provide our copyright agent the following information: (1) the authorized agent of the copyright owner or copyright owner electronic signature or entity signature;(2) the description of the works of your claim from infringement;(3) suffer from infringement claims against you work on the web site of the location description;(4) your address, phone number and E-mail address;(5) that you think that without copyright owners, its agent, or authorized the controversial use of written statements in accordance with the law;And (6) you have fully understand the false identifications shall bear all the legal consequences, under the premise of the foregoing information provided by you guarantee are legitimate, right, and you are the copyright owner or copyright owners have authorized authorized agency.Any failure to comply with the DMCA terms and conditions of the copyright owner or its authorized agent of any notice, all can not be seen as effective notice, not be NOVOUS considered enough to prove that the infringing material or behavior is true facts or circumstances.

We recommend that you again after consulting the legal adviser to NOVOUS copyright agency announcement.You should know, pursuant to the terms DMCA any false claims will be punished.
NOVOUS company has the right to terminate the repetition in appropriate cases or unilateral decision of copyright infringement others user account, or prohibit such users to access on this web site.
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NOVOUS will try our best to provide value-added services to our visitors, so might link to managed by a third party web site.However, even if the third party for NOVOUS affiliated company, because all these websites have their independent of NOVOUS terms and conditions and privacy and data collection methods, NOVOUS will not be able to control these links to web sites.The above some links to sites only provide convenience for you, so you at the same time of access to all's own risk.NOVOUS will try our best to protect the authenticity of the website and website link, so you need to collect feedback information about the site and its link to the website.Please refer to from this website links to third-party websites privacy policy after use of such web sites.

You agreed to provide defense behavior, such as by taking compensation, to ensure that in Norwich, the company and its employees, directors, employees, agents, authority and suppliers from bear due to the way you use this web site of all claims, losses, costs, damage and expenses (including but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees).
NOVOUS will be committed to protecting your privacy.All specification personal identity information and you connect website terms and conditions of other information processing has been described in our privacy policy.
Your use of this site should follow the law of the People's Republic of China, and is not affected by other laws or in 1980, the United Nations convention on the international sale of goods.Besides banning, you agree to according to the case management solution For from this website directly or indirectly caused by or associated with this web site some or all of the disputes and claims (including but not limited to buy NOVOUS goods), without having to resort to any form of litigation (group), and shall approach by arbitration in China international economic and trade arbitration commission (CIETAC) Shanghai branch.If you use this web site, namely the representatives agree to receive electronic messages from NOVOUS companies.You agree to NOVOUS using electronic means to send to you any me, protocols, disclosure or other message to comply with all kinds of communication codes, including the message written form.If NOVOUS failed to adhere to or perform any provision of the above terms and conditions ", should not be considered NOVOUS to abandon the above terms or relevant authority.Whether whether activity or trade between the two parties, shall not modify the terms and conditions of any terms and conditions.NOVOUS shall have the right at any time according to this agreement to the other party transfers its rights and responsibilities, the subject to without prior notice.

Term and termination of
The "terms and conditions apply to your access to the web site of the whole process.NOVOUS retains the unilateral decision to terminate or restrict your use of the power of the site, NOVOUS under no obligation to inform to you without providing any reason, and not you or any third party to assume any responsibility.In addition, the NOVOUS company may terminate all or part of the "terms and conditions" clause, NOVOUS under no obligation to inform to you without providing any reason.